Many people think of their dog’s comfy bed when the topic of mat training comes up. Of course, curling up in a designer bed is a reasonable goal, but it’s different from what mat training is about.

Mat training involves having a specific tool to teach your dog all kinds of valuable behaviours and skills. In addition to teaching your dog to lie down in a particular location, it will:

  • help the ever-busy dog learn to be still, both in mind and body.
  • give you a simple and fun way to build duration and distractions into your training – an essential part of moving training into day-to-day use
  • develop clarity with your release cue and make it super solid
  • provide an easy way to assess that you are on track with your training
  • teach an invaluable skill for real-life challenges such as the mayhem of guests arriving, mooching at the table, jumping up, counter-surfing, and many more!

How does something as simple as a mat accomplish all this? The magic of the mat lies in the ever-increasing value built into it each time you train with it. Your dog will find it more and more enticing and not be able to resist it. And you can harness all this and make it a powerful training aid. Both you and your dog will love it!

Do you want to make the magic happen?