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I’m Lisa Kerley, and I’ve been helping dog parents like you for over 23 years. Teaching you and your young dog the skills they need to be confident, well-mannered and happy. Who doesn’t want a dog that’s fun to take places and great at home, right?

Having my own facility for 2 decades has allowed me to work hands on with thousands of young dogs in my care. This has given me the unique experience of observing, training and handling a very diverse group of dogs. I spent hours each day supervising puppy and young adult play groups, as well as teaching them the essential skills they needed to be polite socially and successful in daily life. As a result, my level of experience and understanding is broader than the typical trainer.

You too can take advantage of this experience and know-how with your young dog.


Lisa Kerley BSc KPA-CTP

 Puppies are serious business

The first months at home are the most influential in your puppy’s life. A knowledgeable, experienced and qualified trainer will keep you focused on what matters and help you avoid common mistakes.

My pup was initially very anxious about nail trimming, but with Lisa’s great handling skills and patience, she is now readily willing to have nails trimmed. I am very grateful that she is in good hands.

Bette Brock

Where It All Began

Animals have been a part of Lisa’s life as long as she can remember. From the time she befriended the neighbour’s dog at age 2, climbing into his pen on a daily basis, she was hooked. Continuing to seek the company of dogs, cats and horses, she has turned her passion into a career.

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Dog Days

Lisa founded Dog Days Daycare & Training Center in 1999. The facility offered a unique experience for clients with specialized care and socializing programs for young puppies, adolescents and adult dogs. Dog Days had a number of unique programs. It offered young puppy programs that provided safe, structured care and socialization for puppies starting at 10 weeks. It also provided special play programs for adolescents that focused on skill-building and appropriate interactions. And finally, for dogs that needed an extra hand, there were a number of specialized behavioural programs

Dog Days was a trusted favourite, consistently winning awards for its unique, force-free and holistic approach to care and training.

Dog Days Daycare is a dog paradise, a great combination of fun and learning, where dogs are appropriately socialized in a secure interactive environment, regardless of their age or special needs.


Lisa is an amazing trainer who genuinely cares for her furry students. Both of my dogs Eddie and Charlie loved going to Dog Days.


Not All Trainers Are Equal

Lisa has extensive experience helping families and their dogs with behavioural issues. She follows leaders in the field and continues to update her education to stay up-to-date with new studies and information.

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