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positive reinforcement training for young dogs

What happened to that cute little bundle you brought home only a few short months ago? Although you may be glad that the nipping and biting are over, this next phase in your dog’s development comes with a new set of challenges.

BabyBRAT is our survival skills class for adolescent dogs and their families! 

This class is specifically designed for helping young dogs, with a focus on developing impulse control, attention, confidence and basic manners. With these foundation skills, you and your young dog will be better-equipped to be successful in both your training and everyday life! And you’ll build better behaviour in the home, giving you positive solutions to counter-surfing, jumping and other pesky behaviours.

Whether you are already taking an obedience class or not, babyBRAT is a great choice for your adolescent dog. You’ll get positive solutions to your day-to-day struggles, AND build better behaviour.

Our online version allows you to learn new skills from the comfort of your own home. Unlike many online classes, you won’t be left to work through the exercises on your own. Along with easy-to-follow guides and demo videos, you’ll have support all the way, with LIVE weekly group calls and personal support via email and in our private group. And working alongside the other participants will keep you on track and motivated. You can work through the exercises, skills and games at your own pace! The level of support you will receive allows you flexibility and to progress on your own schedule.

husky pup settled at home

This can be a particularly trying time as many adolescents are completely distracted by everything. Settling, concentration and attention are skills focused on in this class.


build attention and focus


learn to relax and develop patience


practical skills for day-to-day

Responses to both new and familiar things can be very different than during puppyhood. Learn how to help your young dog cope and continue developing in a positive direction.


help with confidence issues


deal with over-excitement


deal with distractions

Outside skills are vital as your young dog becomes more inquisitive and is out and about more. We will cover 2 crucial skills in this class.


walk politely on leash




polite greetings

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I have attended several other dog training programs over the years, but Lisa has been the most effective, professional and caring instructor we’ve had the pleasure to know, and my dogs and I look forward to our future training experiences with her.


The great value of Lisa’s expert training comes when you least expect it, and most need it.


Lisa trains dogs using state of the art techniques, based on natural dog behaviours. A large part of the process is teaching me, the owner, to understand why dogs behave the way they do, and particularly how to avoid placing the dog in challenging circumstances. No dog or owner is perfect, but the ability to apply Lisa’s expert training on demand is a valuable resource that creates a safe and effective lifelong learning experience for both dog and owner.


Work with me privately


    This is a great option if you have a specific issue you would like help with,             

       can’t make a class schedule work or just prefer one-on-one coaching. 


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