Mental stimulation is always a good thing for our dogs. It provides dog-friendly activities, fulfills needs and keeps our dogs busy in productive and appropriate ways. Enrichment is especially beneficial when we are distracted and busy over the holidays, and our regular routines are often upended.

Providing fun and entertaining activities keeps our dogs busy and helps distract them. Doing this can be a lifesaver in a hectic holiday household or when there seems to be an endless list of things to do.

Along with management, enriching activities will also help dogs who become overly excited or worried at this time of year.

So, however the season is shaping up for you, don’t miss out on giving your dog a dose of enrichment and holiday cheer.

Check out this video to get a summary of my 2 other favourite things on my holiday checklist, along with ideas and tips on how you can add some cheer and enrichment into your dog’s life this holiday.