Is your dog missing out on some fun? Here’s a super-easy way to give your dog a dash of fun at dinnertime and make their meal marvellous! Let your dog use their nose rather than just gulping dinner out of a bowl. Dogs LOVE to sniff, so this is an easy way for you to provide it to them.

A Dash of Fun Dining

Whether you have a yard or live in an apartment, you can set this dash of dinnertime fun up for your dog.

Here are two ways to play:

In a yard or grassy area

Throw your dog’s dinner kibble or a handful of treats in the grass. They can work away on their own, moving about the area searching for the food. After they have found everything, most dogs will take extra time going back over the area to ensure they haven’t missed anything.

If your dog is new to this, throw the treats in a more compact area. The food will be easier to find, and they will get rewarded more easily.

Extra nose work is required when the grass is longer. So take advantage of your unmowed lawn!

If you don’t have a secure area to do this, you can have your dog on a long line to provide more freedom.

Note: Do not play this on a chemically-treated lawn.


When playing outside isn’t an option, you can still offer this dash of fun at dinnertime to your dog! A patterned carpet will camouflage the food bits and make finding them more challenging. A rug with a deeper pile or a fibre bath mat will also do the trick.

So simple, right! And yet both of these easy-to-implement games offer your dog a good dash of fun and enrichment at dinnertime.

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