Do you need a hand deciding which puppy class is best for you and your puppy? At hipPUP, you can choose from 2 puppy classes to ensure you get the best puppy class to suit you and your pup.

hipPUP Young Puppy Class (8 weeks to 18 weeks)

young pup

hipPUP is designed for pups in their first weeks at home.

Easy-to-use guides with puppy essentials such as:

  • housetraining
  • nipping and biting
  • kids and puppies
  • peaceful nights

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • great options to manage your pup in the home and set up habits you’ll love
  • strategies for dealing with everyday challenges, including how to get things away for your pup without a struggle and walking a pup that doesn’t have leash skills yet
  • exercise and activities that are suitable for your puppy as they grow and develop to keep their bodies safe and avoid injury
  • easy ways to prepare your pup to be on their own and gain independence

hipPUP is packed with how-to’s on safely socializing your young pup before they are ready to ‘hit the streets.’ By taking this course, not only will you learn how to properly socialize your pup, but you will also prevent all-too-common socialization mistakes.

The gentle training in hipPUP focuses on essential lessons and skills suitable for a young pup. It paves the way for great leash skills, reliable recalls, and a settle you can use anywhere.

babyBRAT Class For Young Dogs (16 weeks to 18 months)

adolescent puppy

babyBRAT is designed for older pups or pups already doing well with the basics in their home life.

The easy-to-use guides cover common teenage challenges such as:

  • counter surfing
  • jumping
  • calm greetings
  • lack of focus, arousal and distractability
  • loss of skills and training

You’ll also learn how to:

  • deal with and reduce the frustration and challenges of an adolescent, so you can work with your dog productively while building connection and focus.
  • set your teenager up with the right amount of exercise, mental stimulation and calm time so that you don’t get trapped in an endless cycle of trying to keep them busy.
  • make outings enjoyable and interactions relaxed and pleasant.

The babyBRAT socialization guide is dedicated to building calmness and confidence as well as helping your teenage dog negotiate their fear periods.

babyBRAT includes more rigorous leash skills and recall training, along with other valuable and practical behaviours.

Whether you have a brand new puppy or you think you now have a young teenager on your hands, you can be confident that hipPUP Puppy Training has just what you need.

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