It’s back to school, leaving many of us struggling to get into regular routines and make time for everything. Where does that leave our dogs? If you have a new puppy or young dog, it may feel like you have to wait to get started with them – you just can’t fit a single more thing into your already busy schedule – let alone puppy training.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t make time for puppy training now, you’ll need to make way more time later. Getting help and having a proactive plan in the first weeks with your new pup will save you loads of time in the long run – and frustration.

Don’t waste time doing things twice

Too often, people go down the wrong path following puppy training advice from friends or family. Or they spend time looking for answers online, only to be overwhelmed by all the conflicting information. Why risk doing the wrong thing and dealing with the consequences when you can do it right the first time?

Getting started early will allow you to be proactive

It doesn’t take long before you feel you are spending all your time dealing with problems. This is incredibly frustrating and leads to you feeling your puppy is ‘bad’ or doing everything wrong. It also takes up all your time in recovery mode rather than training your pup and teaching them valuable skills.

An experienced trainer will be familiar with everyday issues and can guide you confidently through them

Dealing with housetraining hiccups and puppy teeth can be upsetting when you don’t feel like you are making progress. A good plan and ongoing support will give you the confidence to tackle these and other challenges.

A knowledgeable professional will give you essential information and the correct answers to your questions and challenges

New parents often waste time on things that aren’t helpful or can be taught anytime. With the help of an experienced, knowledgeable pro, you can focus on the most valuable things to teach now. Get off to a great start with your young dog, teaching them what they need to succeed in your home and life together.

Approach Matters

Training should be fun – for both you and your pup. How you teach and what you teach are both critical. Using dog-friendly methods not only makes learning enjoyable. They also build confidence and trust, and prevent the fallout from aversive methods.

So, whatever else you may have going on, take the time now to get your new youngster started on the right foot. Puppy training will save you valuable time, set you and your pup up for success and make your first months together less stressful.

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