Wag Your Walk Online Class

Bring joy and harmony into your walks

Loose leash skills

5 modules


Whether you are already finding your walks a challenge or you just want to get off to a great start with your young dog, our 5-week Wag Your Walk Class is for you!

Do you feel like your dog is interested in everything BUT you on walks?

Are you embarrassed or frustrated by their reaction to other dogs or people?

Do walks feel like a bit of a chore?

This online class is designed to bring joy and harmony to your walks. You will learn:

  • the key reasons why the dog-human connection is lost on walks and how to fix this with a series of fun games and activities
  • how to make the walks just the way your dog wants them so you both have a great experience
  • easy games to further enhance the connection and turn leash disasters into leash successes!

Designed for dogs of any age