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    This is a great option if you have a specific issue you would like help with,             

       can’t make a class schedule work or just prefer one-on-one coaching. 


Continuing education is necessary to keep a trainer’s skills, techniques and understanding at its best. It will also guarantee you get the benefits of the latest studies and new developments. Lisa has attended hundreds of hours of seminars, workshops and conferences with leading trainers, behavioralists and scientists from around the world. She has also Graduated With Distinction from Karen Pryor Academy.

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars 2020 – Present


PPG Geek Week 2 Virtual 5-day Conference

Nov 2021

APDT / CAPPDT Virtual 2-day Conference

Sept 2021

Dr Kristina Spaulding, PHD, CAAB

july 2020

Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist

Biology of Breed Webinar

Suzanne Clothier

June 2020

International Speaker and Award-Winning Author & Trainer

Training vs. Management Webinar

Dr Christine Calder

June 2020

Director of Behaviour Services at Midcoast Humane and a board certified veterinary behaviourist

Puppy Socialization in Covid Times Webinar

Shawna Karrasch

July 2017

International Clinician in Clicker Training

Clicker Training Your Horse

Delta, BC


Robyn Hood

August 2013



International Speaker and Clinician

Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Training Foundation Program

North Vancouver, BC


Terry Ryan

March to September 2012

Karen Pryor Academy

Dog Trainer Professional Certification Program

Graduated With Distinction

Dr. Karen Overal, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB

October 2010

Center for Neurobiology and Behavior, Psychiatry Department, University of Pennsylvania

Canwest Veterinary Conference

Seminar Topics Included:
Separation Anxiety and Other Common Anxieties
Truly Humane Behavioral Interventions: Understanding How Pets Learn
Understanding Dogs That Fight
Understanding Normal Dog Behaviour

Victoria, BC

CAPPDT Annual 3-day Conference

June 2010

Karen Pryor (Clicker Training – Science, Methods and Principles)
Gail Fisher (Dominance Myths; Training to a Reliable Behaviour)
Sue Ailsby (Training Levels)
Steve White (Canine Body Language; Complex Behaviours)
Mona Keith (African Savannah Keeper at the Calgary Zoo – Clicker Training Zoo Animals)

Calgary, AB


Catherine Stewart

Nov 2009

Tellington Touch Certified Instructor

Introductory Tellington Touch (TTouch) Workshop

North Vancouver,BC


APDT Annual 5-day Conference

October 2009

Brian Hare, PhD (The Evolution of the Cognitive Dog and What It Tells Us About Our Own Origins)
Turid Rugaas (Coping With Life)
Bob Bailey and Jean Donaldson (An Informal Discussion)                  Emily Levine, DVM, MRCVS Dipl, ACVB (Anxiety and Fear: Physiology and Behaviour)                                                   Sue Sternberg (Ethogram of Fear and Anxiety)                                                     Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB (Fear – Identifying Triggers and Resolving the Problem) -Nicole Wilde, CPDT-KA (Working With Fearful Dogs)                                                Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA (Fear and Anxiety)        Doug Kneuvan, DVM, CAC, CVA, CVCH (Alternative Medicine for Fear and Anxiety) Ian Dunbar, PhD, MRCVS, CPDT-KA (Fear and Loathing and Separation Fun)                Terry Ryan (Hands On Workshop Clicker Training Chickens)                                   Sarah Whitehead, BA (Hons), MSc (Puppy Classes)
Steve White, CPDT-KA (Scenting / Tracking)
Gail Fisher (Training a Thinking Dog: The Advantages of Marker Training)
Pia Silvani (Challenging Adolescents)  Sarah Whitehead, BA (Hons), MSc (Understanding a Dog’s Emotional State and It’s Effect on Behaviour)            Veronica Boutelle, MA Ed, CTC and Gina Phairas, Bsc Comms, CTC (Designing the Best Classes in Town)                                  Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB (See, Mark and Reward Training)                                      Steve White, CPDT-KA (Harnessing the Power of Anticipation) 

Oakland, California, USA


Rosales-Ruiz and Kellie Snider MS

June 2009

Constructional Aggression Treatment       “A New Approach to Treating Aggression”

Sequim, Washington, USA

Nicole Wilde

april 2009

Working with Fearful Dogs, Creative Client Coaching

Langley, BC

The Art and Science of Animal Training

march 2009

Bob Bailey                                         Alexandra Kurland                                          Steve Martin
Kay Laurence
Ken Ramirez -Steve White
Jesus Rosales-Ruiz

Denton Texas, USA

Jean Donaldson

October 2008

Dog Evolution and Behaviour

Victoria, BC

Patricia McConnell

febuary 2007

For the Love of Dog

Victoria, BC

APDT Annual Conference

October 2007

Jean Donaldson                                       Roger Fouts                                             Leslie Nelson                                        Patricia McConnell                                   Chris Bach                                                    Ian Dunbar                                               Kathy Sdao                                              Roger Abrantes                                          Pam Reid                                                       Pia Silvani                                                  Trish King                                                 Karen Overall        

Portland, Oregon, USA

Brenda Aloff 

January 2007

Dog Aggression

Victoria, BC

APDT Annual Conference

september 2006

Susan Garrett
K. Anderson
Nicole Wilde                                          Patricia McConnell                                      Ray Coppinger                                         Roger Abrantes                                   Jennifer Messer                                      Karen Pryor                                                 Ken Ramirez
Sheila Harper
Ian Dunbar
Emma Parsons

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Suzanne Clothier

july 2006

Conformation and Movement

Victoria, BC,

Ian Dunbar

June 2006

San Diego, California, USA

Pat Miller

April 2006

Abbotsford, BC

Brenda Aloff 

January 2006

Dog Aggression

Sooke, BC

Roger Abrantes

September 2005

Richmond, BC

Ian Dunbar 

April 2005

Instructors Course

Richmond, BC

Suzanne Clothier

July 2004

Victoria, BC

CAPPDT Conference

March 2003

Donna Duford                                      Jennifer Messer                                      Thomi Glover                                         Shelley Breadner                                       Sue Sternberg                                              Ian Dunbar

Vancouver, BC

Sue Sternberg


Richmond, BC

Turid Rugaas


Calming Signals

Vancouver, BC

Ian Dunbar 

April 2002

Instructors Course

Vancouver, BC

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