Hey there puppy mom!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re spending too much time chasing around after your puppy or just dealing with problems rather than actually teaching your puppy anything?

Believe me, I’ve seen lots of new puppy moms in exactly the same place as you.

Get off to a great start with your puppy.

Take the guesswork, overwhelm and frustration out of raising your new puppy by having the right information along with the benefit of 23 years of professional experience helping puppies and their families, all at your fingertips,

HipPUP will help you stay on track and avoid common mistakes. And you can be confident knowing that you are focusing on the things your puppy needs and have positive solutions for daily challenges.

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young puppy class

Socialization is critical for your young pup. Learn what socialization is really about and how to avoid common mistakes parents make. 


learn safe socialization


fun socializing games


avoid common mistakes

Now is the perfect time to introduce puppy-appropriate lessons to help your young one develop good habits and build useful skills for daily life.


manners for daily life


building good habits


settling in the home

Normal puppy behaviour can pose big challenges for the first few months. Learn how to get through this period with less frustration and more success. You’ll get help with:


nipping and biting




polite interactions with kids and adults


and get started on leash skills, recalls and more!

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A great class! Highly recommend it. Kobe’s behaviour and social skills significantly change after going to HipPUP classes. I see a lot of difference in how he socializes compared to other puppies in the neighbourhood. Thank you Lisa for your continued help and support. 

Work with me privately


    This is a great option if you have a specific issue you would like help with,             

       can’t make a class schedule work or just prefer one-on-one coaching. 


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