Holidays can be challenging for our dogs because schedules are often disrupted, and family members are busy with extra tasks and responsibilities. Halloween can be even trickier because of the unusual activity, sights, and sounds. And for a dog with noise sensitivity, it can be a nightmare.

Tucking dogs in a familiar and comfortable spot to keep them secure is a great idea. It will prevent them from escaping out the door or getting excited when little ghouls and goblins come trick or treating.

Creating a Safe Place

You can up your game and create an extra-special spot for your dog at Halloween. Providing a ‘safe place’ to comfort your dog can provide some much-needed solace. A calm, dark spot tucked away from the activity, bother, and racket will give your dog a break from the festivities and offer much-needed peace and quiet.

For this purpose, a smaller cozy area is best. The goal is to create a spot that is buffered from noise as well as the activity. You can transform their regular crate or pen. You can use the area behind a couch or under a table if you don’t have a crate or pen. You can even set up a cozy spot using chairs.

  • Choose a location away from windows. If you have an interior room (an area that has no external walls), that is ideal. Position the dog as far away from the light, noise and vibration as possible to help them feel more comfortable.
  • Drape blankets and comforters to cover the area and pillows or cardboard to pad the sides and top. This will help muffle the noise even more and keep out any bursts of light.

Preparing Your Dog to Use Their Safe Place

Help your dog get used to their safe place by giving them something yummy to work on there BEFORE they need to start using it. Being used to and enjoying the spot will make it more comforting when the excitement begins. Be sure they always have access to it around Halloween and provide chews or entertainment toys while they are there.

Whether or not your dog is sensitive to fireworks, the doorbell or visitors, setting up a safe place for them is a great idea. You can relax knowing they are cozy and comfortable through all the Halloween chaos.

Here’s a lovely video by Rachael at Mekuti on how to make an awesome safe place for your dog.

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